Sunday, September 06, 2009 New Articles

Poverty's Angel
a short film Aryeh Lurie is keeping the promise he made as a hungry child.

Mom's Five Tools for Living
by Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon
My mother was a spiritual giant. This is part of her legacy.

My Jewish Pride
by Gabriel Evans
All I knew about being Jewish was that we were anti-establishment.

How to Help Your Child Succeed
by Rabbi Avraham Goldhar
A practical primer on being Chief Executive Believer in your child's potential.

My Twitter Resolution
by Sarah Arbess
Texting and Facebook are controlling our lives and I can't take it anymore.

Lose It!
by Alan Freishtat
How to lose weight and keep it off.

Soul Art
by Riva Pomerantz
Rabbi Yonah Weinrib has devoted his life to interpreting and portraying Torah through art.

Champions of Unity
by Dov Moshe Lipman
Fifteen boys see beyond their ideological boxes and win the gold.

Rosh Hashana Cooking Made Easy
by Sara Finkel
Select recipes from Sara Finkel's latest culinary collection The Complete Yom Tov Cookbook.

In Service of the King: Ethics of Fathers 4:6
by Rabbi Yonason Goldson
How the wishes of our hearts can shape our reality.

Teaching Lies in Gaza
by Alan M. Dershowitz
Can a state be built on a pack of lies?

Golda and the Terrorists
by Yehuda Avner
"There can be no deals with terrorism whatever the circumstances." Editors Pick

6 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams
by Azriel Hirsh Friedman
A practical system to prepare for Rosh Hashana.
This weeks Torah reading: Nitzavim-Vayelech

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