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Biracial woman discriminates against Jews

Angela commented on Interracial marriage is unnatural!

Discrimination from Jews always stuns me. You'd think a people with thousands of years of playing the victim to such discrimination would have changed the way you look at other people. I am in biracial woman, and I've been involved with a Jewish man for three years. It's a beautiful; relationship and I embrace his culture and history. This sort of hatred really hurts me. Your faith suffers from blind dogma. You really should wipe the crust from your eyes.


First of all, where's the discrimination? Facts discriminate? Why do you hate the plain truth of the Bible and history? Furthermore, I'm a Christian Zionist. Why your discrimination by singling out Jews? Is Mohammad Ali a Jew? How about Napoleon Bonaparte or any of the others quoted?  Sounds like you have some serious issues with Jews by your hateful comment about Jews playing the victim. You sound confused because you say you're in a relationship with a Jew.

Your relationship blinds you to what you don't want to see: interracial marriage is unnatural and according to the Bible - both the Christian and Jewish holy books - constitutes sin. As far as your particular case goes, God knows who you should be with but generally speaking each race must naturally go with its own or they're committing adultery and causing unncessary confusion.

(I'm emailing you this response because often when I approve a comment I see it still doesn't show up.)

The Sin of Interracial Marriage

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review of Cracking the Qur'an Code by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Cracking the Qur’an Code: God’s Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur’an and Islamic Tradition, by Lowell Gallin, is a fascinating spiritual journey through good and evil, with all the real actors, places, and situations depicted in such a manner as if a reader is a part of that journey starting from Noah, through Ibrahim to Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and ending with Muhammad.

Read more:

Review of Cracking the Qur'an Code by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

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David Ben-Ariel at Masada

David Ben-Ariel at Masada

At the Northern edge of Masada with the Dead Sea in the background (1989).

Friday, April 23, 2010



Barcelona, July 19th – 24th 2010

By Barry Chamish

Over 2000 researchers and experts on the Middle East, coming from a large number of universities, research centers and other organizations from all over the world, will gather in Barcelona in 2010 at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES). The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Government of Catalonia will organize the WOCMES Barcelona 2010, after the two successful previous editions held in Mainz - Germany in 2002 and in Amman - Jordan in 2006.
        It is rare when one city usurps all others as the capital of world conspiracy. To achieve such greatness we might have to go all the way back to 1785, when 3 giants met in Frankfurt, Germany. There, the head of the anti-Jewish Sabbataians, Jacob Frank, brought his circle of Frankists to town where he formed a conspiracy with the illuminati, led by one Adam Weishaupt. While Frank's goal was to punish all Jews who did not accept Shabtai Tzvi and him as the Jewish messiahs, Weishaupt's organization was founded to punish those Christians who rejected Rome as the capital of world Christianity. They met with a coin dealer with much bigger plans, one Mayer Amshel Rothschild, who realized if he could just take control of a nation's economy, he would control the country.
        But finally, we have a new world capital, still plotting against the Jews and non-Catholic Christians, the Vatican outpost of Barcelona.

Jerusalem, 26 November 1995
BACKGROUND ON BARCELONA CONFERENCE An European Union-sponsored conference for Mediterranean Basin countries is scheduled to take place 27-28.11.95, in Barcelona, Spain. Israel's delegation will be headed by Foreign Minister Ehud Barak.

Just three weeks after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, Israel agreed to surrender its sovereignty in Barcelona. Of course, Rabin had to be murdered by the new Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres to make the conference work. But he had help from French intelligence. (Read my Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin,,  for full details). In the 45 days leading to Barcelona, Rabin had told the UN and American Congress that he would never divide Jerusalem or wreck Israel for peace. That attitude could ruin Barcelona. So Peres received the go-ahead to eliminate him before the Barcelona Conference.
       In the past two years, Barcelona has become the capital of the Mediterranean Union, a group of 5 Catholic and 5 Arab nations dedicated to eliminating Israel. It will meet in mid-June to solidify its plots. But to assure a world consensus for the gangup, the Bilderberg group will meet outside Barcelona on June 3:

The Bilderberg group will conduct its annual meeting June 3-6 in Sitges, Spain (a small, exclusive resort town about 20 miles from Barcelona) behind a wall of armed guards who will seal off the resort in a futile attempt to keep the event secret.
Bilderberg’s meeting will follow that of its brother group, the Trilateral Commission, which will gather at the Four Seasons Resort in Dublin, Ireland May 6-10. Leaders of Bilderberg also attend the Trilateralists’ meeting to map their common agenda. About 300 attend Trilateral Commission meetings, which are conducted behind sealed-off, guarded floors of their hotel. About 100 will attend Bilderberg, which seals off the entire resort behind platoons of uniformed police and private security.
     Now look at the buildup to the followup Barcelona Conference on June 7:

MADRID ­ Spain called on Israel Thursday to support the nascent Mediterranean Union as well as efforts to reach peace in the Middle East during a visit to Madrid by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.
Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos asked Lieberman "for Israel's full cooperation with the Mediterranean Union, which is of maximum interest to Spain and all of its Euro-Mediterranean partners," the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Moratinos also reiterated Spain's "full support" for the efforts of the administration of US President President Barack Obama to reach peace in the Middle East, it added.
Earlier this month talks in Barcelona between Mediterranean Union members aimed at adopting a water management strategy for the region ended in failure due to a row between Israel and Arab countries over a reference to the Palestinian territories.
The stalemate was seen as a strong blow against the body, which will hold its first summit in Barcelona in June.
Spain aims to revive the Middle East peace process, working with France and Egypt in the run-up to a Mediterranean summit in Barcelona in June, the Spanish foreign minister said Saturday.
"We are talking to France and Egypt (...) to restart the peace process in the Middle East", Miguel Angel Moratinos said during a forum on the Mediterranean in Paris.
Forty-three heads of state and government will gather on June 7 for the second summit of the Union for the Mediterranean, which was formed two years ago in Paris by Egypt and France.
Israeli, Palestinian and Syrian leaders Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Bashar al-Assad respectively are among those expected to attend, Moratinos said.
Spain, which holds the European Union rotating presidency till June, fixed two short-term objectives: facilitate the restart of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, overseen by the US, and ensure success in Barcelona.
"We are working with France and Egypt for something important in Barcelona", Moratinos said.
He also said the summit could lead to an economic agreement being reached between the European Union and Syria, the only non-European country on the Mediterranean that has not concluded an association of this kind with the EU.
"I think the conditions are there to finalise the agreement and sign it" in Barcelona, Moratinos added.

Spain and Lebanon urge Israel to create conditions for peace
Madrid - Spain and Lebanon on Thursday urged Israel to help create the conditions for a peace process with the Palestinians, with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri warning of the danger of an "implosion" in the Middle East.
Another failure to launch a peace process would be "intolerable," Hariri said at a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero during a visit to Madrid.
The Spanish premier said the dialogue could be given a boost in June at a summit of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS - The statute of the Mediterranean Union secretariat has been approved. According to European sources, the decision was made at the meeting of high level officials from the 43 countries which was held yesterday in Barcelona, where the Jordanian Ahmad Masadeh will be installed as the first secretary general of the Union today. The attention has now shifted to the summit scheduled for June in the Catalan city....... Following the approval of the statute, it is predicted that ''the activities of the secretariat will soon get underway, with the designation of deputy secretaries and the drawing up of procedures, an organisation chart and budget. Among the key decisions to be made during the June summit will be that of the successor to France and Egypt at the co-presidency of the Mediterranean Union, beginning in July 2010. According to European sources, concerning the northern shores Spain is likely to take on the position, while for the southern shores an agreement has not yet been reached .......

The representatives of the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) met Tuesday in Brussels to agree to support the appointment of a Jordanian as General Secretary, an important step to revive the forum.
The future Secretary-General will be based in Barcelona with Palestinian, Israeli, Turkish and Arab League deputies.

Hariri, who highlighted US President Barack Obama’s commitment to push the peace process forward, urged the European Union to be an active partner of the US in seeing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict come to an end.
“When President Obama took office he assigned [former] Senator George Mitchell as a special envoy to the Middle East, as a clear sign of his administration’s commitment to the peace process, and I believe that President Obama is the right person to achieve this mission,” Hariri said.
Hariri also announced that Lebanon would participate in the Union for the Mediterranean Summit, to be held in Barcelona.

What can we add but, Barcelona, here they come?


Keep watching the Barcelona plot:

Catholic Europe - not Hussein Obama - will force peace

Imposed Solution

Obama to Sacrifice Israel? : Dry Bones cartoon.
Is Obama preparing to sacrifice Israel? Is he planning to impose a "solution"? According to Joel Mowbray in the Washington Times:
"Evidence is mounting that President Obama will unveil a new Middle East peace plan in the coming months. While a desire for peace is indeed admirable, such a move should be welcomed only by the enemies of America.Not only would such an attempt inevitably fail, but it would directly harm U.S. security by shifting our national focus away from very real - and far more dangerous - threats in the region.

Nearly two weeks ago, the New York Times and The Washington Post reported on the same day about a high-level meeting two weeks beforehand in which National Security Adviser Gen. James L. Jones had lobbied Mr. Obama to craft an American peace plan. Last Monday, J-Street, a left-wing Jewish group with close ties to the White House, ran a full-page ad in the New York Times urging Mr. Obama to impose "concrete plans for a two-state solution."

Mr. Obama himself further signaled something was in the works by stating at the close of a news conference last Tuesday that resolving the Middle East conflict was "a vital national security interest of the United States." Likely at the prodding of White House officials, the New York Times ran a front-page story two days later suggesting that an Obama peace plan could be drafted over the next few months and introduced this fall."
-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973


Exclusive: EU draft on dividing Jerusalem

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

The final revival of the unholy Roman Empire is being forged in Europe today and it will wage a New Crusade under the guise of peace. Europe's New Crusade will dispatch wolves in sheep's clothing - "peacekeepers" - that will brutally betray both Arabs and Jews for their German-Jesuit masters (whose evil eye has been on Jerusalem throughout history).

Warning Jews

Pope's Evil Eye on Jerusalem!

UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Christians need to be circumcised!

I am HaShem your Healer

#20. To: McCain_Rocks (#16)

vimcomte13's simple question


How many times must I answer it? Read this: Circumcision.

IF you and your unclean kind - apostate Christians, drunks and whores - were honest with yourself and others, which you've sadly proven time and again you're not ("Christians" in denial), you would know and agree circumcision isn't even an issue today as it was in the days of the early Sabbath-keeping Church of God. However, your unclean kind vomit it as a diversionary tactic, a dishonest distraction, refusing to be circumcised of your unclean hearts and Gentile practices, your modified pagan holidays, preferring your strange perversions of Sunday instead of Sabbath and doctrines of demons instead of the plain truth of the Bible.

You seriously need to be circumcised of your traditional idolatry and Christian immorality, or Yahshua will cut you off forever, as you've been warned.

Plea to Diehard Catholics & Protestants to Repent

A Tribute to Israeli Soldiers

Click here (if the video doesn't play above) to watch this video made as a tribute to all those who have fought and fallen over the years for the Jewish homeland of Israel

Happy Birthday Israel! (62 years young)


I wrote this last night, on the eve of Yom HaZikaron, our Remembrance Day for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism. The siren sounded and the country stood in silence and in remembrance of the price that others paid for our independence.

Today, Monday, folks will be visiting cemeteries. A painful and sombre day. Tonight at sundown, Yom HaZikaron will end and the celebration of Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day begins.

I wanted to do a cartoon to show how short a time 62 years really is. I wondered if I'd be able to write out every year in a cartoon. It turned out that I could do it as a border and still have room for Mr. Shuldig and his dog Doobie!

-Dry Bones - Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

62 years young! May Israel mature into a truly Jewish homeland and reclaim the Temple Mount and liberate all the Arab-occupied biblical lands and be blessed and a blessing to all nations.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Jewish Homeland

Weren't the Jews prophesied to return to Israel? Are the Jews ethnic Jews or merely converts? How should Israel treat their resident Arabs? Why does the world focus on Jerusalem?

A Jewish Homeland

More prayer?

America doesn't need more prayer!

The Washington Times
EDITORIAL: America doesn't have a prayer
If there is one thing this country needs right now, it is prayer. Thus, it was a singular case of bad timing last week when ...


What America needs is heartfelt repentance, a change of heart, attitude and actions, not merely more lip service (prayer) that professing Christians are known for, as Isaiah 58 states:

1 "Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression [the Church and Synagogue], And the house of Jacob [the family of Israelite nations - all Twelve Tribes of Israel] their sins. 2 Yet they seek Me daily, And delight to know My ways, As a nation that did righteousness, And did not forsake the ordinance of their God. They ask of Me the ordinances of justice; They take delight in approaching God."

This hypocritical nation of spiritual drunks and whores, apostate Christians, would rather simply pray than turn from modified pagan holidays, replacement theology of Sunday for Sabbath, doctrines of demons and popular myths and traditional error, refusing to repent or let the plain truth set us free. Therefore our Great Creator God, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel, will enable the German-Jesuit EU to bring us to our knees in true repentance.

Death to America? (David Ben-Ariel YouTube video)

Drunks and Whores (David Ben-Ariel YouTube video)

Europe Nukes US! (David Ben-Ariel YouTube video)

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David Ben-Ariel on WND

Here are a few comments from BLOGNETDAILY by WND

RE: For David Ben-Ariel
Posted by David Ben-Ariel on Apr 16, 2010 08:20

I'm glad you googled me, which should have revealed blogs (besides my website) that include this information on the right side:

About Me
Name: David Ben-Ariel
Location: Toledo, Ohio, United States
Author, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

View my complete profile

If you click on that complete profile it offers my email address.

I'm glad you love Israel too! I pray everybody who is thrilled about the Holy Land of Israel and its rich history, concerned about its pulsating current events and who share the hope of its bright future (after the Storm has passed) can go up to Jerusalem and explore throughout the Promised Land of Israel and let the Scriptures come further alive!

You could say I have a God-given love for the Jews and the nation of Israel (Isaiah 62:6-7). That sacred bond has been strengthened over the years by the fact that I've been blessed to have lived all over Israel, getting to know its land and people quite well.

Apart from 5 months at Ramat Yohanan (where I met my "kibbutz mother," Miriam Weiss) I've also stayed at Sdot Yam on the Mediterranean, next to Caesarea, the site of my first ulpan (intensive Hebrew course), and where Israel's heroine, Hannah Senesh, was from; Regavim, near Zichron Yaakov, where I continued my Hebrew lessons amid its rolling green hills; Reshafim, near Bet She'an, with Mt. Gilboa practically in our backyard, and Jordan's mountains in lovely view out front; Adamit, on Lebanon's border, high up on a mountain, from where on clear days you can see all the way to Haifa's Mt. Carmel; Shoval, a rose in the Negev desert, just north of Be'er Sheva; Dan, way up in the northernmost part of Israel, in between Syria and Lebanon, next to the majestic snow-covered Mt. Hermon, where I was living when "Operation Desert Storm" blew in; and Ha'On, with its campground and ostrich farm on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, across from Tiberias; and last but not least, my beloved Jerusalem, next to my favorite spot on earth: the Temple Mount.

Reply to: stormy
I looked you up on google, and I'm hoping there is a site, that has a email address so I could write to you. If there is an address, I hope I can find it. I don't understand all of your stances, but I'd like to learn. All I know is I love Israel, and am forever grateful for the Israelites writing the Bible. Without them, we would not have the OT, NT. Some people forget, that many Jews believed on Jesus when Jesus was on the earth, and also after when He went back to the Father. The Jews are the chosen, and I know salvation is open to all, and the time of the gentiles will end soon. I would like to live in Israel someday. Maybe they will all return to the land God gave to them soon. I saw some of the you tubes you have. I don't understand why Zionist Jews are bashed by people, God will curse those who curse them.... Thanks, take care

RE: RE: For David Ben-Ariel
Posted by David Ben-Ariel on Apr 16, 2010 07:59

Yes, as a Christian-Zionist my articles dare to share the plain truth about the good and bad Jews (and good and bad Christians), contrary to the unsubstantiated charges that those who love the United States and strongly support the Jewish homeland of Israel turn a blind eye to Israel's faults. As necessary, such love includes "tough love" in the holy spirit of Yahshua who said, "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Be zealous therefore and repent" (Revelation 3:19), as well as following the spiritual principle of Proverbs 27:5 - "Better is open rebuke than hidden love."

Reply to: VinceB.
As best as I can decipher, from Ben's site and others, is such as is typical of the whole human race: there's good Jews and there's bad Jews...wheat and tares...

Just as there's good patriotic Christian Americans like Chuck Baldwin (no pretense), there are bad patriotic Christian (false-pretense/pseudo) Americans like George W. Bush - whom to the Messiah rejecting world, we all look the 'same'!

George W. Bush will masquerade as a Christian patriotic American so as to dupe real Christians - while he's knowingly helping to create a backlash, a hostile environment, against the real Christians by those who aren't (ie the Christ rejecting world around us etc.)!

Again, from what I understand, there's Jews that have, and continue to feed off others at the expense of the good Jews...Kind of like when the world wants to know what Christians think about this social issue or another, they run to the Roman Catholic Church to hear from the Pope...they don't run to a David Wilkerson, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Chuck Smith, others of fundamental Christianity...

That's kind of how I see Ben's work as expounding upon...I could be wrong though; I'm open to learn as I sojourn along on my way to glory/esteem in heaven...

Go North with Nefesh B'Nefesh

Go North - Frequently Asked Questions


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UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads

UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads

The Advertising Standards Authority rules that an Israeli ad breaches rules on truthfulness.
FT: Promoting Demonization & Boycotts

A Financial Times op-ed draws on the false apartheid parallel.
Return of the Living Dead

Credibility of Palestinian medical sources questioned as teen allegedly shot dead by the IDF returns to his family alive only days later.
Full Archive
1. Not the White Response
2. Special Report: Making Sense of the Jerusalem Crisis
3. Jerusalem on the Media Frontline
4. Johann Hari: Back With a Vengeance
5. What New Settlement?

Israeli Police and David Ben-Ariel

Israeli police sent on wild-goose chase The Israeli police knew they didn't have a shred of evidence against me other than some hateful letter filled with false accusations that misled them.
I received a call (at the Palm Youth Hostel in Jerusalem where I lived and legally worked) from a friend in the United States that "KP" sent him a copy of a letter he reportedly also sent to the Israeli authorities, claiming I was involved in some plot to blow up the mosques to stop the peace process and prepare the way for the Temple; was involved in arms smuggling (distorting my travels through the war-zone of Yugoslavia by train from Germany and visit to South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as other adventures - thanks to a gracious inheritance from my Hoover grandparents) and that I wasn't Jewish. I told my friend the Israeli police would recognize "KP" was a crackpot and would dismiss his bizarre letter. I wasn't worried about it...
read more ...)

Prayer for Israeli Police

R&B EVENTS: "Cracking the Qur'an Code" Book Signing and Talk byLowell Gallin (Tuesday, April 27th, 8:00 p.m., Orthodox Union Israel Center,22 Keren HaYesod Street, Jerusalem)

R&B EVENTS: Cracking the Qur'an Code Book Signing and Talk by Lowell Gallin

Tuesday, April 27th, 8:00 p.m., Orthodox Union Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod Street, Jerusalem

         Cracking the Qur'an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition
(Jerusalem: Root and Branch Association, Ltd., Print, Download and E-Book Editions. Copyright Lowell Gallin. 2010).
        Bulk order discounts. Worldwide shipping. On sale now at
        Reprint Notice:  Permission granted to redistribute this R&B Information Services item via email and the Internet, as long as text & title are not modified.  Source (R&B Information Services).

YERUSHALAYIM, Israelite Tribal Territories of Judah and Benjamin, Kingdom of David and Solomon, United Israelite Kingdom of Judah and Joseph; Rosh Chodesh (First Day of the New Hebrew Month), Second Hebrew Month of  Iyyar, 5770; Yom Chamishi (Fifth Day of Week/"Thurs"-day, April 15, 2010); Root & Branch Information Services

Dear R&B Readers,

Looking forward to seeing you at my first book signing and talk for my new (and first!) book, entitled:
Cracking the Qur'an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition.
Jerusalem: Root and Branch Association, Ltd., Print, Download and E-Book Editions. Copyright Lowell Gallin. 2010.
Bulk order discounts. Worldwide shipping. On sale now at:

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010, 8:00 p.m., Orthodox Union Israel Center, Keren HaYesod Street 22, Jerusalem.

Evening Program Chairman: R&B Islam-Israel Fellowship Jewish Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Dr. Asher Eder.

Written Greetings: R&B Islam-Israel Fellowship Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi.

Regular Orthodox Union Israel Center admission fees, journalists free.

Cracking the Qur'an Code is written in honor and based on the teachings of Dr. Asher Eder of Jerusalem, Israel and Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi of Rome, Italy, Jewish and Muslim Co-Founders and Co-Chairmen of the Root and Branch Association's Islam-Israel Fellowship

Dr. Eder and Sheikh Palazzi affirm, as they have always done, that the Qur'an unequivocally states, from beginning to end, and according to the traditional Muslim commentators, that God gave the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel.

Dr. Eder and Sheikh Palazzi also affirm Jewish sovereignty over all of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the right of Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount, and the right of Jews to live anywhere in the Land of Israel.

Dr. Eder and Sheikh Palazzi Speaking Engagements and Media Interviews: Dr. Eder and Sheikh Palazzi are available for speaking engagements and media interviews. Please contact them at: .


CODE BOOK SIGNING AND TALK (Tuesday, April 27th, 8:00 p.m., Israel Center, Keren HaYesod Street 22, Jerusalem):

"Although I cannot be physically present today at the Orthodox Union Israel Center in Jerusalem, it is nevertheless an honor and a pleasure to send a message to welcome the presentation of Cracking the Qur'an Code, a book on which my dearest friend Lowell Gallin has been working for years.

Cracking the Qur'an Code is a source which permits a deep understanding of how the Qur'an and traditional Islamic sources confirm the right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel. This books helps readers refute opposite claims coming from Wahhabis and other extremist movements.

By studying Cracking the Qur'an Code, the reader will know how to answer those who try to distort Islam in order to change it into a tool of anti-Israeli propaganda. That is the reason why I strongly advise every Jew, and every Israeli Jew in particular, to ready this book carefully and to assimilate its precious contents".

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi
Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, R&B Islam-Israel Fellowship
Advisory Council Member, Jewish Legal Heritage Society
Director, Cultural Institute, Italian Islamic Community; Secretary General, Italian Muslim Assembly
Rome, Italy



"I am really delighted to know about the monumental work in the form of a book named Cracking the Qu'ran Code devoted to clearing misunderstandings about our Jewish brothers. It will go a long way in bringing together the Jews and Muslims, highlighting the common traditions and values that bind us together. I congratulate you on this masterpiece and wish you all the best. Keep in touch and continue your great work. It is really a phenomenal work".

Fazal ur Rehman Afridi
Journalist, H.R.A. & Writer
M.D.J., Rue Cauchy,



Please visit the "Awards and Citations" section of the F.P.A. website for congratulations to F.P.A. members for books published, awards received, weddings, births, bar mitzvah's, etc. at:

I have been a member of the Foreign Press Association in Israel for eighteen years, since 1992. I can personally certify that at our meetings, held in Jerusalem's King David Hotel, the Viennese Table is ALWAYS first class. I estimate that I probably partake therefrom more than anyone else, which is why I usually WALK around Jerusalem whenever I have to get anywhere. One must walk OFF those Viennese Tables! However, as Martin Luther said, "If you sin, sin bravely". As you streak towards that Viennese Table like a guided missile "locking on target", follow Martin's Advice: At least ENJOY yourself.



I will be in the United States from May 25th to July 20th, 2010, for Cracking the Qur'an Code book signings and talks, and media (print, TV, radio, Internet) interviews.

Your referrals are GREATLY appreciated.

I gladly speak with your community during that time. I appreciate your referrals to synagogues, churches, mosques, religious and communal groups, schools, professional and trade organizations and other institutions that may be interested in hosting me.

Looking forward to hearing from you at: .

Shalom and Chodesh Tov (Happy New Hebrew Month of Iyyar) from Yerushalayim,

Lowell Gallin

Founder and President
Root and Branch Association, Ltd.

Cracking the Qur'an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition
(Jerusalem: Root and Branch Association, Ltd., Print, Download and E-Book Editions. Copyright Lowell Gallin, 2010)

Praise for Cracking the Qur'an Code

“Cracking the Qur’an Code makes an important contribution in man’s quest for peace, for Israel in particular and the world at large. This book brings to the fore the real meaning of the qur'anic references to Jews and Israel, through their correct interpretations by the most knowledgeable qur’anic commentators and translators. It sees misinterpretation of the Qur’an as the real basis for Muslim antagonism towards Jews and Israel. This book is dedicated to two angels of peace, two brothers, in spiritual heritage as well as in their mission of peace. One brother is descended from Isaac, Dr. Asher Eder. The other brother is descended from Ishmael, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi”.

Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Open Space Fellow, Centre for Communication and Development Studies
Indian Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Indian R&B Pathan-Israel Fellowship



“Cracking the Qur’an Code is a stimulating reminder that all of us, Arabs and Jews, are of the same descent and stem from the same tree. We must all work hard to overcome selfish contemporary political interests and focus on reconciliation. Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac are certainly sad when they see from heaven how their grandsons and granddaughters are fighting and killing each other. I believe that when both Arabs and Jews reflect on our historical roots, we will reconsider our current political differences and conclude that peace is possible among brothers and sisters”.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa

Tyranny of a Thousand Princes
Karin in Saudi Arabia



“Jewish Tradition tells us to judge ourselves and others by our actions, not words. In 2003, I tried to tell the world about the Islamist (Wahhabi) arrest and torture of my brother, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury of Bangladesh. Few listened. Fewer acted. Dr. Asher Eder and Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi joined our effort immediately - adding their voices, taking action, and continuously from then through the present encouraging us in our efforts. Their good work and their relationship parallels that of myself and Shoaib. Dr. Eder the Jew and Sheikh Palazzi the Muslim, Richard Benkin the Jew and Salah Choudhury the Muslim, show that Jews and Muslims can work together for justice. We need only remain faithful, pierce the veil of false political correctness, and honor the moral and ethical principles that Judaism and Islam share”.

Dr. Richard L. Benkin

Interfaith Strength



“I always believed that Jews are our cousins and that we both are the descendants of Prophet Abraham (Peace be upon him). Now, this book, Cracking the Qur’an Code, based on the teachings of Sheikh Palazzi and Dr. Eder, endorses my beliefs with documentary facts. Let this book be a guide to everyone who wants peace. Cracking the Qur’an Code is such a book, which aspires to restore Islamic-Jewish relations. Let this book play an important role in letting people stand against jihad, the murder of innocent people and Holocaust denial”.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Journalist, Columnist, Author and Peace Activist
P.E.N. (U.S.A.) F.T.W. Award 2005
A.J.C. Moral Courage Award 2006
Editor and Publisher, The Weekly Blitz
Chief Editor, The Weekly Jamjamat
Council Member, R&B Islam-Israel Fellowship



“Every once in a while, a seminal text appears in Islamic-Judeo relations. Cracking the Qur’an Code is such a book. Based on the teachings of the prominent Sufi cleric, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, perhaps the leading Sunni Muslim cleric in Italy, if not all Europe; and an Israeli educator, Dr. Asher Eder, it breaks new ground. More accurately, it reminds us all that we once stood upon the old common ground, where Christians, Jews and Muslims respected each other as Peoples of the Book. This is a book worth

John J. Loftus, Esq.

Intelligence Summit



“My congratulations to all involved in this important breakthrough effort. The disturbed nature of the world today, exacerbated by those who would pervert and misuse the message of every religion, makes such endeavors critical to the moral as well as the physical well-being of decent men and women everywhere. We must give the Root and Branch Association a warm round of applause for reaching out in so innovative and helpful a manner. This is a small victory for all humankind. Let us hope it will lead to great victories for peace, faith and civilization”.

Ralph Peters

The War After Armageddon



Cracking the Qur’an Code is the fruit of years of effort by the Islam-Israel Fellowship of the Root and Branch Association. Led by Dr. Asher Eder and Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the Fellowship has been breaking new ground in fostering an understanding of the real messages of the Qur’an and the Bible. Yasher Koach (Much Strength), Mazal Tov (Good Luck), and congratulations to all concerned”.

Susan Rosenbluth

Editor and Publisher
Jewish Voice and Opinion



“Jerusalem, given by God to King David as Israel’s capital, is revered until today by Jews, Christians and Muslims and many others. A Source whom I know learned from firsthand experience that the airport mosque of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia faces Jerusalem. At the Jeddah airport mosque Muslims knowingly pray facing the ruins of the Temple of Solomon (bayt al-maqdis) on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, may it be rebuilt speedily and in our days.

I speak not only as a Muslim from Pakistan, but as a Son of Israel, from the Pathan tribe of Yousufzai (Pashto for “Sons of Yosef”). I represent a migrating family of Pathans who have traveled through many eras and countries. We were always neighbors with practicing Jews who treated us as one of them, and we treated them as one of us.

Jerusalem has been a center of almost continuous Israelite settlement for almost three thousand years. A multi-cultural city, it is the heart and soul of all the Children of Israel. Those who attempt to prevent the Jewish People today from exercising sovereignty over Jerusalem dishonor the memory of Abraham, forefather of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.

I oppose wicked plans to divide Jerusalem, the world’s holiest city. I believe that a united Jerusalem will one day not only be the capital of the State of Israel, Jewish People worldwide, and the soon-to-be reunited Twelve Tribes of Israel. Jerusalem will be the capital of the entire world”.

Aazim Yousufzai

Pakistani Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Pakistani R&B Pathan-Israel Fellowship



Dedication to Cracking the Qur'an Code

Cracking the Qur'an Code is dedicated to the memory of Abdurrahman ad-Dakhil Wahid, a great friend of Jews and Israel, who died on Thursday, December 30, 2009.

Abdurrahman Wahid (September 7, 1940 - December 30, 2009) was president of Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Muslim organization in Indonesia, which is the world's most populous Muslim nation. Nahdlatul Ulama was founded by Wahid's paternal grandfather, Hasyim Asy'ari, a respected ulema (Muslim legal scholar) from East Java, on January 31, 1926.

Wahid served as president of Indonesia from 1999 to 2001. Beloved as a person and respected as an Islamic scholar, he was affectionately known to Indonesians as "Gus Dur".

In an interview with Jennifer Byrne of ABC News on April 17, 2002, Wahid expressed his support for international Muslim recognition of the State of Israel.

The following is an excerpt from that interview:

Byrne: "And as someone who has been... during your time as president you have tried to forge links with Israel, and taken some political pain for that – what do you think will be the outcome?"

Wahid: "Israel believes in God. While we have a diplomatic relationship and recognising diplomatically China and Russia, which are atheist states, then it’s strange that we don’t acknowledge Israel. This is the thing that we have to correct within Islam".

Byrne: "What... you believe that the Islamic world as a whole should start recognising and acknowledging Israel’s right to exist and prosper?"

Wahid: "Oh yes... yes".

Byrne: "But will it happen, sir... will it happen?"

Wahid: (laughs) "I don’t know.... anyway... because you know, however slow, I think Muslims are rational and rationality dictates that we recognise Israel diplomatically".

May the memory of Abdurrahman Wahid forever be for a blessing.

Lowell Gallin

Jerusalem, Israel
March 16, 2010


Excerpt from Sheikh Palazzi Address to the International Conference on Countering Suicide Terrorism
Herzliya, Israel – February, 2000

"the powerful structure of the Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood is mainly supported by those countries which are regarded as 'moderate' or 'friends of the West': Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates".

The main instrument for the "Wahhabisation" [1] of Arab society was an organization called Ikhwan al Muslimun (Wahhabi “Muslim Brotherhood”). The Brotherhood’s founder was Hasan al-Bannah, an elementary school teacher from Ismailiyyah who became one of the leaders of pro-British Masonry (United Lodge of England, ‘Mother of the World’) in Egypt.

The Palestinian Hamas is one of the most important Ikhwan (Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood) controlled organizations in the Middle East. Hamas leaders are not among the original families of founders. On a worldwide level the Ikhwan (Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood) leadership is, as before, in the hands of Syrian and Egyptian elements.

Countries such as Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan are easily identified as radical, totalitarian and enemies of the Western world, but their contribution to the international network of pseudo-Islamic "fundamentalism" (Wahhabism) is insignificant. On the contrary, the powerful structure of the Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood is mainly supported by those countries which are regarded as "moderate" or "friends of the West": Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates.


Excerpt from Sheikh Palazzi Remarks in September12, 2005 Interview

"To really win the 'War on Terror' is necessary to replace the Wahhabi Saudi terror-funding regime with a moderate, non-Wahhabi and pro-Western regime, such as a Hashemite Sunni Muslim constitutional monarchy....The Wahhabi Saudi regime can only survive by increasing its support for terror".

To really win the "War on Terror" it is necessary for the U.S. to invade Saudi Arabia, capture King Abdullah and the other 1,500 princes who constitute the "House of Sa’ud", to freeze their assets, to remove them from power, and to send them to Guantanamo for life imprisonment. Then it is necessary to replace the Wahhabi Saudi terror-funding regime with a moderate, non-Wahhabi and pro-Western regime, such as a Hashemite Sunni Muslim constitutional monarchy. Unless all this is done, the "War on Terror" will never be won. It is possible to destroy Wahhabi al-Qa’ida, to capture or execute Bin Laden, al-Zarqawi, al-Zawahiri, etc., but this will not end the "War". After some years, Saudi princes will again start funding many similar Wahhabi terror organizations. The Wahhabi Saudi regime can only survive by increasing its support for terror.

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi
Muslim Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, R&B Islam-Israel Fellowship
Advisory Council Member, Jewish Legal Heritage Society
Director, Cultural Institute, Italian Islamic Community; Secretary General, Italian Muslim Assembly

[1] Wahhabis, as they are called by Sunnis and Shi’ites, call themselves “Salafis”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Hoover in Jerusalem in 1980

David Hoover in Jerusalem

David Hoover on Mt. of Olives

The National Menorah

David Hoover on Temple Mount

My name was legally changed from David Hoover to David Ben-Ariel twenty one years ago, for religious reasons, as related within my articles God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grumpy Old Man or Concerned American?

Is David Ben-Ariel, author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, a grumpy old man or concerned American? Obama has yet to prove he's a natural born citizen, continues to disrespect the Constitution and We The People; American taxpayers' money is dumped into the black hole of Haiti while no help is found for our homeowners who lost their dreams; South Africa says it will follow Zimbabwe's terrible example of stealing farms from white people, meaning bloodshed will increase...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Holocaust Day?

Yom HaShoah: Happy Holocaust Day?

It's that time of year again for hypocritical Jews to wring their hands over the Holocaust, to weep and do nothing but blather platitudes and feel smug in their bittersweet commemorations they appear to indulge in and blame non-Jews for their misery, collective group hugs on Yom HaShoah, failing to learn the lessons of Hitler's war against the Jews: there's no lasting place for Jews in the Exile (where most remain), that such a self-imposed exile will lead to self-destruction (in one way or another), that you must take your enemies at their word, not your wishful thinking (like the delusional "peace" process), and it's necessary to return to the Torah of God and Jewish Homeland of Israel.

How about fighting Jewish anti-Semitism?

The pendulum of Holocaust fraud swings both ways

Warnings about Hitler ignored

More Holocaust hypocrisy from Netanyahu and Peres

The hypocrisy of Benjamin Netanyahu's UN speech

Shimon Peres Rebuked!

Holocaust Hypocrisy!

The Holocaust isn't Kosher

Psalm 137

1 By the rivers of Babylon,
there we sat down, yea, we wept,
when we remembered Zion.

2 We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.

3 For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying,
Sing us one of the songs of Zion.

4 How shall we sing the LORD's song in a strange land?

5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem,
let my right hand forget her cunning.

6 If I do not remember thee,
let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth;
if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.

7 Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom
in the day of Jerusalem;
who said, Rase it, rase it,
even to the foundation thereof.

8 O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed;
happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth
thy little ones against the stones.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Will Israel right the wrong?

Israeli police sent on wild-goose chase The Israeli police knew they didn't have a shred of evidence against me other than some hateful letter filled with false accusations that misled them.

I received a call (at the Palm Youth Hostel in Jerusalem where I lived and legally worked) from a friend in the United States that "KP" sent him a copy of a letter he reportedly also sent to the Israeli authorities, claiming I was involved in some plot to blow up the mosques to stop the peace process and prepare the way for the Temple; was involved in arms smuggling (distorting my travels through the war-zone of Yugoslavia by train from Germany and visit to South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as other adventures - thanks to a gracious inheritance from my Hoover grandparents) and that I wasn't Jewish. I told my friend the Israeli police would recognize "KP" was a crackpot and would dismiss his bizarre letter. I wasn't worried about it...
read more ...)

Miriam Weiss

Miriam Weiss and David Ben-Ariel

Miriam Weiss: Kibbutz Mother and Holocaust Survivor
On that precious list of "Righteous Gentiles" (rare individuals who assisted Jews during the Holocaust) is the great name of Jan Bulski who risked his life and family in Poland to save my "kibbutz mother" -- Miriam Weiss -- who I met and was "adopted" by at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan near Haifa in Northern Israel while a volunteer there from October 1982 to February 1983.
(read more ...)

Henia Seidman, David Ben-Ariel, Miriam Weiss

Miriam Weiss and Henia Seidman, Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catholic Europe endangers freedom

The Catholic roots of Europe will strangle freedom!

"Jesus cut through all the red tape of entangling human traditions, and kept the Sabbath day as God intended (Mark 7:7). Yet it was prophesied that some would tamper with how and when we're to observe God's Sabbath day, and forcibly attempt to replace it with their own (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 17:5).

This Sabbath question is destined to become a bloody issue again (Rev. 13:17; 14:13)." - Remember the Sabbath

It appears the bloody issue of Sunday over Sabbath has raised its ugly head again, as Europe's new empire prepares to enforce SUNday! A cleverly coordinated campaign is underway to make Sunday a legal day of rest, under the pretense of promoting better health and family life ("Mum and dad belong to us on Sunday"). "Hundreds of Euro-MPs have signed an appeal to the European Commission to consider "work-free" Sundays" (Brits will be banned from working on Sundays if Brussels gets its way).  Precious voices of dissent condemn such interference, as Stephen Booth of Open Europe decries: "There is absolutely no need for the EU to be deciding what days people can work." Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Certainly Emperor Constantine would be impressed with how the Roman wolves cloak themselves in sheep's clothing!

"On the venerable day of the Sun let the Magistrates and the people residing in the cities rest, and let all workshops be closed." - Edict of Constantine A.D. 321
Which day is the Christian Sabbath? The same seventh day Sabbath it has always been and always will be, as honest Roman Catholic and Protestants confess! Yet Protestant prostitutes are shamefully bowing before papal authority and collaborating with Catholic politicians to promote the big lie of Sunday, empowering the Vatican's vice grip on Europe that will again apply undue pressure on all to submit to this folly and other imminent measures or suffer the consequences.

What seductive offers has Rome offered these pawns to consolidate Catholic control of the Continent? Which European royals will join the chorus and fall in line with the danse macabre led by German-Jesuit choreographers?  Will any stand strong and resist being swept away by the bewitching sorcerer-pope as he misleads the masses?

“In his first weekly papal audience, on April 27, Ratzinger used the occasion ‘to express what may become a central theme of his papacy: the Christian roots of Europe’ (International Herald Tribune, April 28, 2005).

The bitter roots of Catholic Europe will strangle freedom! Initially covert Catholic decrees imposing Sunday and such will all seem so harmless, but the thumbscrews will continue as suggestions become demands as history testifies:

Ban On Buying and Selling

Not only did Constantine enforce SUNday observance in the Roman empire, Pope Alexander III decreed at the Council of Tours in A.D. 1163: "Whereas a damnable heresy [Sabbath-keeping] has for some time lifted its head...and spread infection...concealing itself like a serpent in its folds; as soon as its followers shall have been discovered, let no man afford them refuge on his estates; neither let there be any communications with them in buying and selling..." (Rev. 13:17). People were forbidden to engage in commerce with those branded as a heretic or Judaizer!

The Roman Catholic Storm is about to strike! Can't you hear the rumbling thunder? The final revival of the "Holy Roman Empire" prepares to make its mark on mankind!  First folks are encouraged to rest on Sunday, later they're threatened to rest on Sunday and those who expose and resist such deathblows to political and religious freedom will be ostracized and their lives endangered! Think it can't happen again? That Europe is too secular and advanced today? Think again. That's what folks were disarmed to believe about Germany prior to WWII. The plain truth is European secular and religious leaders, for their own reasons, have joined dark forces to forge Germany's Fourth Reich - just like Herbert W. Armstrong warned!